24 Feb 2017

Who's the boss here? I am, I'm the kernel.

Eventful week. Katy Perry blew the Brits away like Hurricane Doris, the Tories win a by-election and Leicester City look for a new manager.

Whilst I put my greenhouse back together and head for a lie down, here's my pick of the best online deals I found this week:

Free Cinema Tickets, 75% Off Air Swimmers

No one knows better than you how stressful money worries can be.You also know the impact it's having on your kids. 

You're not alone though. In the UK there are over 2 million children living in families who have fallen into problem debt. 

The Childrens Society Call For Debt Breathing Space

18 Feb 2017

A steak pun is a rare medium, well done.

Mmm. Cuts like butter. 

Where was I? With trees strung with Catkins and shelves stacked with full priced Easter Eggs, it's a funny time of year. But deals are a serious business and here's my pick of the best I've found online this week:

Half Price Steaks, Spas, Bubble-Tastic Barbies

12 Feb 2017

Stuck for a Valentine's idea and want to make some cash back too?

Exclusive Valentines Day Deals with TopCashBack

anti valentines day
Cupid rhymes with stupid, so happy 'consumer driven and trivial interpretation of love' day!

Happy Anti Valentine's Day!

If I didn't know that Valentine's Day existed for gift companies to off-load loads of tat, I'd think it was just to rub singletons noses in it.

If you're single, February 14th can bring feelings of embarrassment, jealousy, sadness, even dread. It can be that powerful!

 But it needn't be that way. Read my Anti-Valentines list below, and if just one item gives you an idea then it's been worthwhile. 


10 Free or Cheap Anti Valentines Day Ideas

10 Feb 2017

valentines day
You know that tingly little feeling you get when you like someone? That's your common sense leaving your body.

Love is in the air, everywhere you look around. Love is in the air, and it needn't cost a pound. 


Whenever you're a bit brassic after Christmas or you refuse to get swept along by the tide of consumerism, the following thrift list is for you.

Money-saving Ideas for Valentine's Day:

1. Breakfast in Bed:

Think red napkins, soft boiled eggs and buttered bread cut in to heart shapes.


2. First Date Redux:

Visit that special place as you did the first time. Wear the same aftershave, even the same shirt if you can fit in to it. 

first date

3. Stargazing:

If it's a clear night, print off a star map, pack warm blankets, hot chocolate and head off to a country lane. Find a star and mark it with a special name and arrange to go back next year and say Hi.

sky at night

4. At Home Bistro:

A romantic meal for two is fine, but make it even more special with a printed menu or chalk board, checkered table cloths, candles and fairy lights. Save the washing up until morning.


5. The Love Dice Game:

I stumbled across this romantic game of chance earlier on Pinterest so I'll take no credit, but it may well do the trick :

dice game

6. Valentine's Vouchers:

Bubble baths and foot massages etc. to be redeemed at any time over the next 12 months.


7. I Love You More Than My iPhone:

Go technology-free for the whole evening, except music of course. If you have a turntable and can get your hands on some Barry White then all the better.


8. Message in a Bottle:

Express the love you share for each other in a poem, roll it up in a glass bottle along with some photos and watch the tide take it away. Include your email address of you want to see how far your love will travel. 

message in a bottle

9. Love Time Capsule:

Similar to above but use a nice tin and bury it deep under a paving stone or a nice flowering shrub. 

time capsule

10. Have Lots of Sex:

Call it making love, if you prefer. It's not compulsory on Valentine's Day but it's free after all. 


So that's my 10 Free or Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas, do leave your ideas below!


www.daddydeals.co.uk is a journalistic money saving blog and like all advice you find online, you should do your own research before acting. To help fund our time, many posts will contain affiliate links.

10 Free or Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas

8 Feb 2017

ford focus
When Henry Ford's ancesters requested a shape change the designers were on it like a car bonnet

I recently had the pleasure of test driving a Ford Focus, the model handed over was the 1.0T EcoBoost 100PS S6 3-cylinder Petrol engine model.

Ford have lovingly-revamped it's famous hatchback inside and out, most notably with the front grill and there's now a 8-inch touch screen in the dash. But would it pass The Dad Test? Let's find out!

Dad Test: Ford Focus Review

3 Feb 2017

It's a dark day for npower. Let there be light!

When an energy company announces a massive price hike, it's time to vote with your feet.

When I switched on BBC Breakfast this morning and heard the words 'npower price hike' I was expecting something like a 6 per cent rise, just like the big six energy companies bestowed upon us in 2013. But 15% on electricity and 5% on gas? 

NPower Price Hike, Time To Take A Hike

Universe of Imagination 40 Piece Road and Rail Train Set
What do you call a train that eats toffee? A chew chew train.

The Universe of Imagination 40 Piece Road and Rail Train Set looks to be the perfect buy for a train and car-mad toddler. 

But was it a good buy? Let's find out! Read on to find out if it's worth the money, and how to get it for less.

Universe of Imagination 40 Piece Road and Rail Train Set Review

14 Jan 2017

squirrel budgeting app

Squirrel is a budgeting app with a big difference.

The difference is, it's like a very clever bank account. So clever in fact, you'll soon be asking your employer to divert your salary in to it. It's part budgeting app, part bank manager and part Dad. I'd better explain!

Here's how Squirrel works:

Squirrel Budgeting App Review

12 Jan 2017

storage unit
Banana boxes, the staple diet of all good storage units

Business is getting more social.

First there was AirBnB, where ordinary homeowners flung open their doors to weary travelers. 

Save Money on Self Storage and Left Luggage

9 Jan 2017


Tomorrow is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. 

With 45% of Brits having never switched energy provider, why not make it a New Year's resolution to save money on your energy bills.

To coincide with National Cut Your Energy Costs Day 2017, Gocompare.com Energy investigated consumers’ relationship with switching energy in 2016.

Taking a look back at how much the average household spent on energy in the past year and what puts so many Brits off switching, Gocompare.com Energy can reveal that 45%* of Brits have never switched energy provider.

A recent survey conducted by the comparison site identified the reasons that are stopping so many Brits from switching, including answering too many questions or having to provide too much information (28%). A quarter of respondents also said the process of changing providers or products was too complicated, while 32% said the switching process took too long*.    

However, according to Ofgem, a greater proportion of consumers are finding it easier to compare tariffs in 2016 (43%) than in 2014 (37%) and the proportion of consumers who are aware of all of their options in the energy market has increased from 75% in 2014 to 80% in 2016*.

When it comes to making the switch, consumers say they need to save an average of just under £300 per year to change their supplier or tariff. These expectations are similar to those from 2014, despite energy bills reducing for many consumers.

For a typical customer paying by direct debit, the annual price of the cheapest tariff on the market fell from around £900 at the beginning of 2015 to less than £750 in the first quarter of 2016. As a result, the size of the difference between the cheapest fixed-term tariffs and standard variable tariffs (SVTs) increased.

As of 28 April 2016 the average SVT annual bill for the six large suppliers^ was over £300 higher than that of the cheapest fixed tariff available in the market, for a customer paying by direct debit and with typical consumption. 

Ben Wilson, Energy & Home Services Product Manager at Gocompare.com said: “When it comes to saving money, Brits are always on the hunt for the best bargain, but it seems the perceived hassle of switching energy providers often deters many of us from cutting down household bills.

“Nobody likes paying more than they have to, especially for everyday needs such as energy. Cutting your costs is all about both taking the time to review what items you’re leaving switched on at home, but also looking at what other deals are out there. We recommend Brits check their energy consumption and bills thoroughly each month and look to switch at least once a year.”

To find out more about how to cut down your energy costs during winter please visit: http://www.gocompare.com/gas-and-electricity/winter-saving-stats/

Read also:

*Statistic correct as of 9th May 2016
^’Six large suppliers’ refers to the former gas incumbent (British Gas), and the companies formed from the former regional electricity incumbents (EDF, E.ON, npower, ScottishPower and SSE)

Written inconjunction with gocompare.com


www.daddydeals.co.uk is a journalistic money saving blog and like all advice you find online, you should do your own research before acting. To help fund our time, many posts will contain affiliate links.

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day 2017

8 Jan 2017

road sign
'Pint please, and one for the road.' Tommy Cooper was the best.

If you haven't set any New Year's resolutions, It's never too late.

If you broke them already, you can press reset for January 14th on Orthodox New Year and January 28th for Chinese New Year.

Best New Year, New You Deals

6 Jan 2017

How To Fix Leaking Mixer Taps
Honestly, do you think I keep a steady flow of faucet-related humour on tap?

Leaking taps are so annoying!

Having to wrap dish cloths around it, waking up to floods on the worktop or worse, the cupboard below. 

Save Money: Fix Leaking Mixer Tap

5 Jan 2017

The Weltzeituhr or World Clock at at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. In case you forget when beer o'clock is.

Need a holiday already? Me too. 

More holidays are booked in the first three weeks of January than at any time of the year. With Blue Monday the 19th being the peak day. Understandable!

How To Get The Best Deals On Hotel Rooms

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