14 Jan 2017

squirrel budgeting app

Squirrel is a budgeting app with a big difference.

The difference is, it's like a very clever bank account. So clever in fact, you'll soon be asking your employer to divert your salary in to it. It's part budgeting app, part bank manager and part Dad. I'd better explain!

Here's how Squirrel works:

Squirrel works in between your bank account and your employer;  your salary is paid in to your Squirrel account who will pay money in to your bank account when the bills are due. The remaining money is divided in to savings pots, and an allowance which is paid out to you weekly. So when I said it was part Dad, I meant it!

How to use the Squirrel app:

squirrel budgeting app logo

When you first install the Squirrel app it asks you to set up your income and expenditure, so be truthful. Then saving goals, be it a deposit for a house, saving for a holiday, for Christmas presents or a car. You can personalise all of this with photos and names, it's really quite fun. Next you'll receive an email asking for photos of your drivers licence/passport and recent utilities bill to prove your identity. Reply with those, tell your employer and within a day you'll be up and running. 

How safe is Squirrel:

Very. They are powered by Barclays (you don't need to hold a Barclays account to use Squirrel) they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and backed by the Cabinet Office.

How much does Squirrel cost:

Squirrel is free to use for three months after which it's £3.99 a month. There's no hidden fees or contract so you can cancel at any time.

Is there a video I can watch that explains how Squirrel works:

Funny you should ask!

So that's my quick review of the Squirrel budgeting app, do let me know if you're using it and if it's helped you.

Squirrel Budgeting App Review

12 Jan 2017

storage unit
Banana boxes, the staple diet of all good storage units

Business is getting more social.

First there was AirBnB, where ordinary homeowners flung open their doors to weary travelers. 

Save Money on Self Storage and Left Luggage

9 Jan 2017


Tomorrow is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. 

With 45% of Brits having never switched energy provider, why not make it a New Year's resolution to save money on your energy bills.

To coincide with National Cut Your Energy Costs Day 2017, Gocompare.com Energy investigated consumers’ relationship with switching energy in 2016.

Taking a look back at how much the average household spent on energy in the past year and what puts so many Brits off switching, Gocompare.com Energy can reveal that 45%* of Brits have never switched energy provider.

A recent survey conducted by the comparison site identified the reasons that are stopping so many Brits from switching, including answering too many questions or having to provide too much information (28%). A quarter of respondents also said the process of changing providers or products was too complicated, while 32% said the switching process took too long*.    

However, according to Ofgem, a greater proportion of consumers are finding it easier to compare tariffs in 2016 (43%) than in 2014 (37%) and the proportion of consumers who are aware of all of their options in the energy market has increased from 75% in 2014 to 80% in 2016*.

When it comes to making the switch, consumers say they need to save an average of just under £300 per year to change their supplier or tariff. These expectations are similar to those from 2014, despite energy bills reducing for many consumers.

For a typical customer paying by direct debit, the annual price of the cheapest tariff on the market fell from around £900 at the beginning of 2015 to less than £750 in the first quarter of 2016. As a result, the size of the difference between the cheapest fixed-term tariffs and standard variable tariffs (SVTs) increased.

As of 28 April 2016 the average SVT annual bill for the six large suppliers^ was over £300 higher than that of the cheapest fixed tariff available in the market, for a customer paying by direct debit and with typical consumption. 

Ben Wilson, Energy & Home Services Product Manager at Gocompare.com said: “When it comes to saving money, Brits are always on the hunt for the best bargain, but it seems the perceived hassle of switching energy providers often deters many of us from cutting down household bills.

“Nobody likes paying more than they have to, especially for everyday needs such as energy. Cutting your costs is all about both taking the time to review what items you’re leaving switched on at home, but also looking at what other deals are out there. We recommend Brits check their energy consumption and bills thoroughly each month and look to switch at least once a year.”

To find out more about how to cut down your energy costs during winter please visit: http://www.gocompare.com/gas-and-electricity/winter-saving-stats/

Read also:

*Statistic correct as of 9th May 2016
^’Six large suppliers’ refers to the former gas incumbent (British Gas), and the companies formed from the former regional electricity incumbents (EDF, E.ON, npower, ScottishPower and SSE)

Written inconjunction with gocompare.com


www.daddydeals.co.uk is a journalistic money saving blog and like all advice you find online, you should do your own research before acting. To help fund our time, many posts will contain affiliate links.

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day 2017

8 Jan 2017

road sign
'Pint please, and one for the road.' Tommy Cooper was the best.

If you haven't set any New Year's resolutions, It's never too late.

If you broke them already, you can press reset for January 14th on Orthodox New Year and January 28th for Chinese New Year.

Best New Year, New You Deals

6 Jan 2017

How To Fix Leaking Mixer Taps
Honestly, do you think I keep a steady flow of faucet-related humour on tap?

Leaking taps are so annoying!

Having to wrap dish cloths around it, waking up to floods on the worktop or worse, the cupboard below. 

Save Money: Fix Leaking Mixer Tap

5 Jan 2017

The Weltzeituhr or World Clock at at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. In case you forget when beer o'clock is.

Need a holiday already? Me too. 

More holidays are booked in the first three weeks of January than at any time of the year. With Blue Monday the 19th being the peak day. Understandable!

How To Get The Best Deals On Hotel Rooms

3 Jan 2017

turkey and ham pie
What was Isaac Newton's favourite dessert? Apple pi

If you've got some leftover turkey hiding in the back of the fridge, please don't use it in this recipe.

But if you put a lump in the freezer thinking you'll make a dinner out if it in January, then this simple recipe will come in handy.

Cheap Eats: Turkey & Ham Pie

29 Dec 2016

save money
Why did the potato cross the road? He saw a spoon up ahead.

Every self-respecting money saving blogger can reel off dozens of ways to save money. 

From switching bank accounts, utilities and broadband suppliers; to using up leftovers and free days out with the kids. 

101 Ways To Save Money

28 Dec 2016

Bonkers bread & butter panettone pudding tart
I know, it's a thing of  culinary excellence!

'Great, you got me a Panettone! Wonderful!'

But what exactly can you do with a Panettone? 

Cheap Eats: Leftover Panettone Cake

22 Dec 2016

free uber rides

Don't be a pillock and drink-drive this Christmas.

Not my words, those come from Helen Mirren, but I echo her sentiments!

If you have Uber in your area you're in for a safer December; the on demand private hire company has teamed up with beer makers Budweiser to offer new Uber customers a free ride throughout December, to the value of £15.

Get Two Free Uber Rides With Budweiser

21 Dec 2016

get me a ticket

I love competitions, I enter loads.

Now thanks to Get Me A Ticket I can enter as many as I like and all completely free.

Get Me A Ticket is one of the UK's leading free to enter competition websites. Get Me A Ticket gives away free prizes to their members every single day, and all entrants play completely free without any obligation, ever.

Unlike other competitions where you have to call a premium rate number to enter, or send a costly text message with a fiddly opt-out clause, with Get Me A Ticket all you do is fill out short surveys.

There are several categories of competitions with great prizes in each, pick from Automotive, Household, Holidays, Vouchers, Gadgets and Lifestyle.

Here's how easy it is to enter competitions for free with Get Me A Ticket!

1. Click here to visit Get Me A Ticket.

2. Fill out the simple registration form, it's free to join.

2. Select any competition you like the look of and fill out the partner sponsored survey.

4. You can enter as many or as few as you like.

5. All the competitions have an expiry date and winners will be notified by email.

Get Me A Ticket offers some mind-blowing prizes, here's my pick:

Win A Mini Cooper

Win £300 Argos Vouchers

Win A Holiday To New York 

Win A PlayStation 4

Win £15,000 Cash

Don't just take my word for it, read testimonials from the lucky winners in the Get Me A Ticket Winner's Gallery. Read also my 101 Ways To Save Money.


www.daddydeals.co.uk is a journalistic money saving blog and like all advice you find online, you should do your own research before acting. To help fund our time, many posts will contain affiliate links.

Enter Competitions For Free With Get Me A Ticket

20 Dec 2016


Chances are, you or someone you know will be getting vouchers or gift cards for Christmas.

Thanks to Zeek there's now an easy and secure way to sell unwanted vouchers and gift cards as well as buy vouchers and gift cards up to 25% off.

Retailers LOVE selling gift cards

It ties you to them because you have to use the card in their stores. What's more, they usually won't give you any change, but another gift card to spend in their store. 

If you lose the gift card, tough luck. It's like losing money. And what if you get a voucher or gift card from a retailer you never use, or you can't get in to town? 

Gift cards can be great!

I'm not knocking vouchers and gift cards though! They are convenient and you can buy something you really want with them instead of getting something chosen for you that you don't want, so they definitely have their place.

Here's my quick guide about how to Sell Unwanted Gift Cards With Zeek:

First, who are Zeek?

Zeek is an online market place for buying and selling vouchers and gift cards. It's easy and the Zeek app is free to download.

How to sell gift cards and vouchers on Zeek

1. Click here to download Zeek and get a £5 discount, use code 28QGPWZY

2. Go to the Sell tab

3. Find the brand of your gift card from the list

4. Set the amount

5. Await patiently for Zeek to approve

How much will it cost to sell gift cards and vouchers on Zeek

You'll be charged £3 minimum or 7% of the card's value.

How and when will I be paid by Zeek

1. PayPal or bank transfer, completely up to you. Or if you plan on becoming a bulk seller, you may want to opt for receiving payment in the form of Zeek credit where you'll benefit from reduced seller's fees.

2. If it's a digital voucher, you'll be paid within  12 working days; if it's a physical voucher or gift card you'll be paid  within 14 working days from the date your voucher or card arrived at Zeek offices after the sale.

Why buy discount vouchers and gift cards on Zeek

Zeek has great deals on discount vouchers and gift cards from places like iTunes (perfect if you're a gamer) Google Play, Tesco, TopShop, Primark, ASOS and Odeon, with savings up to 25%.

So that's my quick guide to Zeek, a great place for buying and selling vouchers and gift cards.

Don't forget your £5 discount bonus use code 28QGPWZY


www.daddydeals.co.uk is a journalistic money saving blog and like all advice you find online, you should do your own research before acting. To help fund our time, many posts will contain affiliate links.

Sell Unwanted Gift Cards With Zeek

19 Dec 2016

experience gift days
Thumbs up for NO SOCKS!!

What do you buy as a Christmas gift for the person who has everything? How about an Experience Day Gift!

Maybe they would appreciate some high-octane thrills like skydiving or super car hot laps over a jumper or socks; or some chill out time and pampering over boring beauty gift packs. 

Or it could be you've missed the last post dates before Christmas. For whatever reason, an Experience Day Gift could solve your last minute gift problems.

Here's my pick of the best Experience Day Gift Deals from top online retailers that I found this week:

Tesco Direct

Tesco Direct has loads of great experience days and if you buy before the 28th December you'll save 10% when you use eCoupon code TDX-LJK9 and collect triple Clubcard points when you check out.

For Him:

Lamborghini and Aston Martin Driving Blast for £59

iFLY Indoor Skydiving Experience for One - Special Offer £29

30 Minute Introductory Flying Lesson - UK Wide Selection £104

Aerobatic Flying Experience £199

For Her:

2 for 1 Spa Day with Four Treatments at a Bannatyne Spa £109

Afternoon Tea for Two at Patisserie Valerie Plus Cake Gift £35

Chill Out Day with The Escape At Hilton for Two - excludes Saturdays £99

Pamper Special for Two at Q Hotels - Weekdays £119

For Them Both:

3 Course Meal and Cocktail For Two Marco Pierre White Restaurant Voucher £49

Vineyard Tour and Tasting with Lunch for Two Special Offer £49

Theatre Visit and Dinner for Two £99

Blue Skies Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for Two £59

For The Whole Family:

English Heritage Joint Adult or Family Membership £74

Family Days Out £29 - A day out for two adults and two children. Options include entrance to animal parks, laser quest, paintballing, crazy golf, kayaking, pottery painting, city and history tours and many more.

See All Experiences From Tesco Direct


If you've never used Groupon before there's an extra 25% off your first Groupon. Enter NEW25 at checkout. Groupon always has great deals on Experience Deals, here's my pick:

For Him:

7,500 or 13,000ft Tandem Skydiving Experience at Two Locations with UK Parachuting from £165

12- or 18-Month Golf Privilege Card and Two Magazines from Open Fairways (Up to 75% Off)

Lamborghini Gallardo Driving Experience: Three or Six Laps at Experience Limits from £49

For Her:

The Dreamboys Show with Cocktail, Buffet and Nightclub entry at 11 Locations, 7 January - 25 March (Up to 40% Off) from £18

Bannatyne's Health Club: Spa Day for Two, Available at 35 Locations from £55

For Them Both:

Two-Course Italian Meal for Two or Four at Bella Italia, Nationwide (Up to 57% Off) from £18

Steak, Slow-Cooked Ribs or Chicken Meal with Wine and Unlimited Salad at Harvester, Over 220 Locations (Up to 45% Off) from £20

For The Whole Family:

Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition and Tour on 28 November - 26 February (Up to 33% Off) from £6

Up at the O2 Winter Climbing Experience with Photo in Frame and £5 Groupon Credit at Ansco Roofwalk (30% Off) from £30

Adventure Golf for One or Two Adults or a Family of Four at Choice of Location (Up to 53% Off) from £5

Click here to see all Experience Deals at Groupon


Travelzoo doesn't just sell great travel, they sell lots of experience gifts too, here's my pick:

Living Social

Living Social lost some market share to Groupon in recent times but they should not be overlooked, they have some great experience gift deals, here's my pick:

Red Letter Days

Launched in 1989, Red Letter Days famously sold their off the peg experience day gifts from racks within high street retailers such as Debenhams. Now armed with an impressive website they are competing with a vast array of cool experience day gifts, here is my pick:

So that's my pick of the best Experience Day Gift Deals from top online retailers that I found this week, do let me know if you have any last minute or 'different' gift ideas. Read also my 101 Ways To Save Money.


www.daddydeals.co.uk is a journalistic money saving blog and like all advice you find online, you should do your own research before acting. To help fund our time, many posts will contain affiliate links.

Save Money on Experience Day Gifts

16 Dec 2016

There might be only nine more sleeps to go, but there's still time to grab a bargain or two.

Here's my regular Friday round up of the best deals I've found online this week:

Groupon - Save up to 70% on 1000s of awesome deals

Get an extra 25% off your first Groupon. Enter NEW25 at checkout.

Activity Superstore

10% off first order and an extra 20% off with code XMAS, ends Monday.

Quidco - Amazing Free Product Sign Up Offers Ends Monday

Sign up to Quidco and get a FREE Lego Star Wars toy from Zavvi

Rogue One is launched this week and to celebrate, new Quidco members can get 100% cashback on any Star Wars Lego product up to the value of £15

Sign up to Quidco and get a FREE Tigi Volumizer Gift Set from LookFantastic

The perfect gift for her. Purchase TIGI Catwalk Haute Volume Gift Set for £13.95 from LookFantastic and get a £14 cashback bonus to cover the purchase price.

Also at Quidco  - 25% off Just Eat Plus £10 Sign Up Bonus

Click here to get 25% cashback on all orders with Just Eat plus £10 sign up bonus if you're new to Quidco


The Snack Box people are offering your 1st Graze Box for Half Price - choose from over 100 varieties.


Incredible offers in the run up to Christmas, my pick are:

FITBIT Flex Activity and Sleep Wristband in Pink £37.99 reduced from £79.99

HP Pavilion x360 15-bk060sa 15.6" 2 in 1 Laptop and Tablet in Red £387.77 from £499.99

Carphone Warehouse

If you're happy with your old handset you can get great rewards for going Sim Only with Carphone Warehouse. Choose from £50 gift cards to Beats by Dr. Dre headphones on all the major networks.


If you're quick, Menkind are giving an extra 10% off everything on their site, use code XMASPARTY but offer ends Sunday.

The Entertainer

Must-have toys at £££s off, my pick:

HEXBUG Aquabot The Harbour Playset - 75% off was £39.99 now £9.99

Monsters University - 50cm Sulley Soft Toy - 68% off was £25 now £8

Disney Tsum Tsum Squishy Figure Toy Shop Playset - 60% off was £25 now £10

That's it ... Go get 'em! Offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time so be quick.


www.daddydeals.co.uk is a journalistic money saving blog and like all advice you find online, you should do your own research before acting. To help fund our time, many posts will contain affiliate links.

Free Tigi Volumizer, Lego Star Wars; 25% Off Just Eat

15 Dec 2016

Marriage Tax Allowance
How sweet! But what's almost as sweet as love? FREE MONEY!

If you're married, you may be missing out on free money in the form of the Marriage Tax Allowance.

Most people think that the Marriage Tax Allowance is set up for them automatically when they get married; or their employer who should be responsible for making sure they pay the correct amount of tax, will do it for them. Wrong!

The onus is on you to apply. But don't worry, it's quick and straight forward to do and I'll show you how.

The Government wants you to get married, it gives stability to society, and they will reward you for it.

Here's How to Apply For Marriage Tax Allowance

First, Do I Qualify for Marriage Tax Allowance

1. You have to be married or in a civil partnership. Living together, even if it's been for years, isn't enough.

2. You're currently out of work or are unable to work for whatever reason; or your gross annual pay is less than £11k a year ie you're a Non-Tax Payer.

3. Your other half earns more than £11001 ie they are a Tax Payer, and less than £43k.

Answer yes to all three and you could make up to £432 for less than ten minutes work. Read on!

How Does Marriage Tax Allowance Work

Marriage Tax Allowance works by transferring £1100 of your Personal Allowance (the amount you don't pay tax on, the first £11000) to your partner. This will reduce their tax bill by up to £220 for every tax year (6th April to 5th April.)

Can I Get Backdated Marriage Tax Allowance

Good news, you can claim for last year too. The most you'll get is £432. In the year of launch 2015/16 the amount you could claim was £212, this has now been increased to £220 a year, so up to £432 total.

What Info Will I Need To Supply To The HMRC

  • You and your partner's National Insurance Numbers.

  • Proof of identity.

You'll need just one of the following:

  • Your p60 if you work
  • Your 3 most recent payslips
  • Your passport if you have one
  • Last four digits of a bank account that either pays you interest, or in to which you receive child benefit, family tax credits or a pension.

Is There A Deadline To Apply For Marriage Tax Allowance

No, the HMRC will change your current PAYE tax code to take it in to account.

How Often Do I Need To Apply

You only have to set it up once.

What If My Circumstances Change

Inform HMRC as soon as it happens. This could be for sad occasions like divorce or death of you or your partner, or happy occasions like you or your partner gets a better paid job. 

So How Do I Applying For Marriage Tax Allowance:

Click here to visit gov.uk/marriage-allowance and complete the questionnaire.

Anything Else I Should Know

1. Remember it's the Non-Tax Payer that makes the claim, so make sure to enter those details.

2. You have to transfer the whole £1100 amount, you can't transfer part of it.

3. Do the maths before you apply. If by reducing your tax allowance means you will now be paying tax, as a couple you will be getting a smaller tax break.

So that's my quick guide to making up to £432 by claiming the Marriage Tax Allowance. It's your money, you're entitled to it, so go get it! What difference would £432 mean to you? A holiday, maybe? Do let me know how you get on, and if you have any other tips you can share.

www.daddydeals.co.uk is a journalistic money saving blog and like all advice you find online, you should do your own research before acting. To help fund our time, many posts will contain affiliate links.

Marriage Tax Allowance - Get up to £432 Tax Break

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