31 Mar 2017

cadbury easter eggs
My mum accused my 3 year old self of being a fibber. The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, Father Christmas? I walked away like a Boss.

What a week. Article 50 finally got triggered. If ever there was an excuse to over-indulge in chocolate, that would be it. 

But it's a whole two weeks until Easter. It's Lent, so we must be strong. Let's have some retail therapy instead. 

Here's my pick of the best deals I found online this week:

** Deal Of The Week - Quidco £15 free Cadbury chocolate eggs **

quidco free cadburys easter eggs
Like the sign says. Scramble.

If you haven't signed up to Quidco there's never been a better time, especially if you haven't bought Easter eggs for your family yet. Sign up to Quidco and get £15 worth of Cadbury's eggs when you spend £10 or more at Cadbury Gift Direct.

Food & Drink

Waiter: 'What can I get you, Sir?' Customer: 'I don't know, surprise me.' Waiter: 'Okay certainly, but no Peking.'

Marks & Spencer

Saturday night is takeaway night if you ask Ant & Dec, so get a tasty chinese takeaway, 2 mains and 3 sides for £10 and take advantage of 25% off Prosecco while you're at it.

My Protein

Bodybuilding? Get protein for less in the My Protein up to 60% off Spring Sale. Plus use code EXTRA20 to get, you guessed it, an extra 20% off.

Holland & Barrett

Get up to half price on selected items, quite literally hundreds of selected items. Sounds healthy.


If like me you're always grazing, why not save money. Graze are offering half price on your first box, usual price £3.99.

Weight Watchers

Stop grazing! If you're looking to lose a little weight and feel some guidance and group motivation could help, join Weight Watchers for 25% less on their 1 month plans.

Women's Fashion

How do you scare an Instagram model? Call her and say: 'I knew what you wore last Summer.'

Dorothy Perkins

Lucky ladies, Dotty Ps are holding an up to 30% off Fashion Event across cool new ranges and must-have's.


Get up to 30% off Monsoon's partywear rangeeven if you're not going to a party, at least you'll look the part.

Simply Be

If you're new to Simply Be, get 10% off your first order and free delivery, order before 10pm for next-day delivery.

Miss Selfridge

Another fashion chain offering an up to 30% saving is Miss Selfridge, plus if you sign up to their emails you can get 10% off your first order and free delivery.

Men's Fashion

We love our suits. Our expressions say it all.

Urban Outfitters

Check out their midseason sale with savings of up to 75%, ladies gear included.


Get up to 30% off anything across their entire site, including the Jamie Rednapp fashion range.


New to Jacamo? Can never find your size/shape/fit/style on the high street? Would rather be in the pub? Shop online it is, then. Get 10% off your first order and free delivery.

Toys & Games

School years are the best of your life. It's all down hill after that.

Toys R Us

Great offers this week at Toys R Us, including up to half price outdoor event, also get a free £10 gift coupon when you spend £40 or more on LEGO 

The Entertainer

For more great toys and games offers, check out their Mega Weekend Sale (up to 75% off) plus get 20% off K’Nex


I bet you have an Apple watch too. It's just one more device to ruin when you reach in to the toilet to retrieve your iPhone.

Currys PC World

Whatever the appliance or gizmo, save up to 30% in their Flash Sale and get free next day delivery on all orders.

If you like the look of any of these deals I recommend buying today as they can be withdrawn at any time.

Free Cadbury Easter Eggs, 30% Off Fashion

29 Mar 2017

Have you used coins to pay for anything recently? Me neither.

But you'll know there's a shiny new pound in circulation and that it's quite a nice thing to look at, Being twelve sided, both silver and gold, with The Queen's head on one side and everything. There will be special editions to mark special occasions, so collectors will be happy.

The New Pound Coin Is Here

24 Mar 2017

muscle man

If you lose your job, money may be desperately tight while you look for work.

To adversely-affect your credit score by missing mortgage, rent or other payments will only add insult to injury, and might make obtaining credit harder in the future. 

So let's try and protect it.

I hope this post (and I'm drawing on personal experience here) may help ease a few financial worries; some of these you may not have thought of as ways to reduce expenditure, or even cut out altogether, to make it a bit easier in helping you to meet the essential outgoings.

First step is to make a budget sheet

Citizens Advice Bureau

The first step to getting your finances under control is to start a budget sheet. There are plenty of free templates online, I recommend this one from the Citizens Advice Bureau website. Sometimes called an income and expenditure sheet, when you've completed it you may be shocked at just how much you're spending on food, power and entertainment, and at all the things you can cut back on. Check your list of direct debits to make sure you don't have any old ones you're still shelling out for.

Car Finance Voluntary Termination


If you're part way through a PCP arrangement you may want to consider contacting the finance company for a settlement figure, and if you're over half way to paying off the amount you're legally-entitled to return the vehicle (subject to the usual wear and tear and mileage allowance) and owe nothing more. It will not affect your credit score, although other car finance lenders may be reluctant to do business with you again.

Cancel TV package

the walking dead

If you're outside of contract and are just rolling month on month, you may want to give them a call and cancel. You won't have to miss your favourite Sky TV shows as you can watch them on NOW TV at a fraction of the price. When I found myself out of work, I made a call to Sky to cancel my rolling contract and they offered me half price broadband and 60% off original bundle TV package, so it's worth a call.

Mobile phone swap


If you're in the middle of a contract and if your other half, family member or friend is out of contract and rolling over each month then cancel that contract and get a pay as you go sim, then either give them your phone or sim and you take the pay as you go. 

Take a pension holiday 


Pension companies generally allow you to pause or decrease the monthly payments as and when required, so it's worth finding out if this avenue is open to you.

Cancel any other unnecessary outgoings 


Check your budget sheet again. Are you paying for things you can easily do without in a pinch, such as central heating and boiler cover, life insurance. Check your online banking, are there old direct debits still going out, even though you've cancelled the service. Example, a couple of years back I was paying for two lots of home insurance. So annoyed at myself.

Eat well for less


Okay, so a juicy steak might be out of the question  but there's no need to go hungry; but you may be able to save £100s a month simply by doing food swaps, from branded products to supermarket-own. If the idea of eating Tesco beans doesn't appeal, or your wife hates the thought of Boots own-brand conditioner, why not buy for each other and do blind tasting, much like Eat Well For Less on TV. Also see my Cheap Eats section for recipes made from store cupboard staples and items from your deep freeze.

If you need emergency funds 

piggy bank

Raid all of your loyalty cards and reward points. Maybe you have Tesco Clubcard or Nectar Points that you can use to buy food, or Boots Advantage points that you can use to get toiletries or cosmetics. Also check for other unused gift cards and wither use them or sell them for cash with Zeek.

If you're worried about debt

do not give up

Once you've filled out the budget sheet, I guarantee that you'll sleep much better. If you have yet to sort your debts out, don't worry. There's people to help and it's never to late. See the links below, and like everything that you find online, do your own research before acting:

I hope some of these items can help, and I hope you get fixed up with a new job soon. Care to share your story or have advice, please leave a comment below.


www.daddydeals.co.uk is a journalistic money saving blog and like all advice you find online, you should do your own research before acting. To help fund our time, many posts will contain affiliate links.

Lost Your Job: Protect Your Credit Score

16 Mar 2017

 Where do crabs and lobsters catch their trains? Kings Crustacean

Show man and entrepreneur Billy Butlins opened his Bognor Regis resort in 1932, looking to repeat the success of the formula he began five years previous at the Lincolnshire coastal town of Skegness.

Bognor is one of only three surviving Butlins resorts and commands a superior vantage point on the Sussex town's sea shore. The resort has undergone many changes over the years, none more so than the £45 million revamp in 1998 when the Skyline concept, their tented entertainment centre, was born. 

Butlins Bognor Regis Review

14 Mar 2017

Splittable review
How do you split the bill in a pizzeria. Use a pie chart.

Thinking back to when I house shared .. Stella was £2 a pint, white Reeboks were in and Mr. Blobby duked it out with East 17 for Christmas Number 1. Nokias, Sega Mega Drives, Citroen Saxos, no internet.

I was eighteen, great times indeed!

One more thing I recall from those halcyon house sharing days was how hard it was get a certain house mate to stump up for his share of the bills and takeaways.

He's still my mate, although thankfully not my house mate, and nothing has changed! And while I don't know if Splittable would help him change his ways, it might have saved me having to regularly ambush him at breakfast.

Splittable - Split Bills With Housemates Easily

10 Mar 2017

 My iPhone seems to be broken, I've pressed the Home button but I'm still at work. Siri-ous.

What a week. Chancellor's hike in NI aside, Ed Sheeran has 16 tracks in the top 20.

Nine are in the top 10. Hilarious, I love things that break the system. The Chart Show will be like listening to Ed on shuffle. 

So while I recline and spin (stream) my favourite Divide tracks (Supermarket Flowers and Galway Girl) here's my pick of the best deals I've found online this week:

The Watch Superstore

Earn brownie points for less. With such a huge range of watches at The Watch Superstore you're sure to find something for even the most fussy of mother-in-laws, use code MUM10 to get 10% off.

New Look

Save up to 80% on selected Women's, Shoes and Accessories and get 30% of your first order by signing up to their newsletter.

The Entertainer

Their Mega Weekend Sale ends Monday and get the latest must-have toys for less with these exclusive voucher codes:


Mums like to read, generally-speaking. So pick up a book or two for less at Waterstones choose from popular titles such as Mary Berry Everyday for £5 off to £3 off of The Essex Serpent.

Carphone Warehouse

Exclusive web deals on iPhones and Samsung S7 Edge:

Top Cash Back

Haven't joined Top Cash Back yet? There's never been a better time:

All limited time offers, so don't delay if you see something you want.


www.daddydeals.co.uk is a journalistic money saving blog and like all advice you find online, you should do your own research before acting. To help fund our time, many posts will contain affiliate links.

Free Milk Tray, iPhone Deals, 1/2 Price Star Wars

Despite the Claims of Naysayers, Good Credit Does Matter.

You might not think that a topic as staid and, frankly, boring (to many people, anyway) as consumer credit reports would be the focus of controversy – but in fact experts do disagree, sometimes vehemently, about the importance of credit reports and credit scores. There’s already a lot of confusion around this subject, and when you hear someone say that you don’t really need a good credit score to buy a car or a house, it just adds to the confusion.

Why younger millennials need to pay attention

24 Feb 2017

Who's the boss here? I am, I'm the kernel.

Eventful week. Katy Perry blew the Brits away like Hurricane Doris, the Tories win a by-election and Leicester City look for a new manager.

Whilst I put my greenhouse back together and head for a lie down, here's my pick of the best online deals I found this week:

Free Cinema Tickets, 75% Off Air Swimmers

No one knows better than you how stressful money worries can be.You also know the impact it's having on your kids. 

You're not alone though. In the UK there are over 2 million children living in families who have fallen into problem debt. 

The Childrens Society Call For Debt Breathing Space

18 Feb 2017

A steak pun is a rare medium, well done.

Mmm. Cuts like butter. 

Where was I? With trees strung with Catkins and shelves stacked with full priced Easter Eggs, it's a funny time of year. But deals are a serious business and here's my pick of the best I've found online this week:

Half Price Steaks, Spas, Bubble-Tastic Barbies

10 Feb 2017

valentines day
You know that tingly little feeling you get when you like someone? That's your common sense leaving your body.

Love is in the air, everywhere you look around. Love is in the air, and it needn't cost a pound. 


Whenever you're a bit brassic after Christmas or you refuse to get swept along by the tide of consumerism, the following thrift list is for you.

Money-saving Ideas for Valentine's Day:

1. Breakfast in Bed:

Think red napkins, soft boiled eggs and buttered bread cut in to heart shapes.


2. First Date Redux:

Visit that special place as you did the first time. Wear the same aftershave, even the same shirt if you can fit in to it. 

first date

3. Stargazing:

If it's a clear night, print off a star map, pack warm blankets, hot chocolate and head off to a country lane. Find a star and mark it with a special name and arrange to go back next year and say Hi.

sky at night

4. At Home Bistro:

A romantic meal for two is fine, but make it even more special with a printed menu or chalk board, checkered table cloths, candles and fairy lights. Save the washing up until morning.


5. The Love Dice Game:

I stumbled across this romantic game of chance earlier on Pinterest so I'll take no credit, but it may well do the trick :

dice game

6. Valentine's Vouchers:

Bubble baths and foot massages etc. to be redeemed at any time over the next 12 months.


7. I Love You More Than My iPhone:

Go technology-free for the whole evening, except music of course. If you have a turntable and can get your hands on some Barry White then all the better.


8. Message in a Bottle:

Express the love you share for each other in a poem, roll it up in a glass bottle along with some photos and watch the tide take it away. Include your email address of you want to see how far your love will travel. 

message in a bottle

9. Love Time Capsule:

Similar to above but use a nice tin and bury it deep under a paving stone or a nice flowering shrub. 

time capsule

10. Have Lots of Sex:

Call it making love, if you prefer. It's not compulsory on Valentine's Day but it's free after all. 


So that's my 10 Free or Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas, do leave your ideas below!


www.daddydeals.co.uk is a journalistic money saving blog and like all advice you find online, you should do your own research before acting. To help fund our time, many posts will contain affiliate links.

10 Free or Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas

8 Feb 2017

ford focus
When Henry Ford's ancesters requested a shape change the designers were on it like a car bonnet

I recently had the pleasure of test driving a Ford Focus, the model handed over was the 1.0T EcoBoost 100PS S6 3-cylinder Petrol engine model.

Ford have lovingly-revamped it's famous hatchback inside and out, most notably with the front grill and there's now a 8-inch touch screen in the dash. But would it pass The Dad Test? Let's find out!

Dad Test: Ford Focus Review

3 Feb 2017

It's a dark day for npower. Let there be light!

When an energy company announces a massive price hike, it's time to vote with your feet.

When I switched on BBC Breakfast this morning and heard the words 'npower price hike' I was expecting something like a 6 per cent rise, just like the big six energy companies bestowed upon us in 2013. But 15% on electricity and 5% on gas? 

NPower Price Hike, Time To Take A Hike

Universe of Imagination 40 Piece Road and Rail Train Set
What do you call a train that eats toffee? A chew chew train.

The Universe of Imagination 40 Piece Road and Rail Train Set looks to be the perfect buy for a train and car-mad toddler. 

But was it a good buy? Let's find out! Read on to find out if it's worth the money, and how to get it for less.

Universe of Imagination 40 Piece Road and Rail Train Set Review

14 Jan 2017

squirrel budgeting app

Squirrel is a budgeting app with a big difference.

The difference is, it's like a very clever bank account. So clever in fact, you'll soon be asking your employer to divert your salary in to it. It's part budgeting app, part bank manager and part Dad. I'd better explain!

Here's how Squirrel works:

Squirrel Budgeting App Review

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