5 Nov 2014


This isn't a serious get-out-of-debt money blog written by a financial expert.

It's way more fun than that!

My name is Anthony and I'm not unlike many of you reading this: a busy professional trying to squeeze in some quality family time between all the things grown-ups have to do to keep our worlds ticking along.

Like holding down a job, sometimes two, sorting the car insurance, picking the lad up from pre-school, the dry cleaning, you know what I'm talking about.

We hate the thought that we may be paying over the odds for things.

All of us have earned our leisure time. It's not a luxury. We know we should be shopping around for the best deals, but we don't want the hassle, we don't have the time.

And that's where Daddy Deals comes in.

I've been in sales and marketing for over twenty years, including six years at Groupon and I've made a pretty good living doing it; I'm passionate about giving and getting the best service and I've developed a sixth sense for a deal.

And my side gig as an affiliate marketer means that companies send over their deals and I publish the pick of them on Daddy Deals. I check each one thoroughly to find out if there are comparable deals to be found else where on the web, but always do your own research before acting and be aware that if you click on the links in blue, bold text I may be paid a commission if you go on to buy, but the price you'll pay is not affected.

It keeps Daddy Deals going and me with it, so thanks in advance. I'll get back to work.

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Anthony is a SEO, Social Media and Money Saving Blogger | Business Development Manager | Husband | Father to a noisy toddler | Optimistic | Boundless Enthusiasm | Fortunate!

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