25 Oct 2016

Find Out for Free If Your Email Has Been Hacked

has my email been hacked

A week can't go by without news of the latest high profile company to suffer a data breach.

Most recently it was Amazon, who were kind enough to let me know and to reset my password, and before that, Yahoo. 

The data breach at Yahoo happened in late 2014, yet they only went public with the news last month. 

That's two years of potential cyber crimes being committed, using log in details that Yahoo customers didn't even know were stolen.

If you use Yahoo I strongly urge you to change your password immediately. 
Never use the same password for other accounts, especially where you have stored your credit card details for ease of use.
Fortunately, there is a way to find out if your email address has been hacked, and it's free. It's a website called have i been pwned? where you can enter your email address in to the search engine to find out if your account has been compromised. 

Do let me know if you've experienced any online issues with security and emails, or have any advice to share.

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  1. Wow, I didn't realise you could check whether you'd been hacked that easily.


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