27 Oct 2016

In The Night Garden Ninky Nonk Train Review

In The Night Garden

Every parent knows that a set routine in the evening means for stressless and tearless bed times.

For us, a rumble around the living room in some favorite PJs works a treat, and the highlight is In The Night Garden on CeeBeebies.

Our son  is obsessed with In The Night Garden! And equally with his Musical Ninky Nonk Track and Train Set, so here's our quick review:


The brightly-coloured train looks very authentic to the tv show. It's operated by pressing the light on top the engine, resulting in the Ninky Nonk clanging and ringing bell tune to begin playing, and the train speeds off to make three revolutions of the track. The track is made up of ten pieces including the bridge, and comes with a small Iggle Piggle figurine which Adam takes to bed with him, which is much better than a dummy.
Score: 10/10

Oh no, It's The Ninky Nonk!

The batteries are safely locked away behind a screwed down-hatch beneath the engine. No small parts to swallow, nothing sharp to catch little fingers on.
Score: 10/10

Value for Money

In The Night Garden Musical Ninky Nonk Train Track Set is currently on sale at argos.co.uk for £15.99 for a third off, although it wasn't on special offer when we bought it. Isn't that always the way?
Score: 10/10

Very well-made, colourful and durable. Adam can't fault it!
Score: 10/10

Do you have this toy, or can recommend another like it? Do let us know.

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