21 Oct 2016

Karcher Window Vac Review

Condensation on a bedroom window is likely to be caused by moisture from heavy breathing, or so I read. 

That would explain why our window is wringing wet most Winter mornings and Adam's is bone dry!

When Dominika told me about the Karcher Window Vac I was skeptical. Why would I buy one, when a micofibre cloth or kitchen towel does the job? But if labour-saving devices were never invented, we would still be using outside toilets.

Anyway, on with the review.

It's a one-touch operation, depress the rubber button, hold the rubber squeegee (that's a real word) end to offending condensation and hear it sucked away with a satisfying glug. Empty the reservoir by unclipping the rubber bung.

We found that the Karcher Window Vac can suck happily on a weekly charge. Read also my 101 Ways To Save Money.

Product Tested: Karcher Window Vac
Price: £47.50 (from Tesco Direct at today's price.)
Score: 10/10

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