15 Nov 2016

10 Free or Cheap Xmas Decorations Ideas

Hey, can you smell carrots as well?

Nothing looks better to me than a houseful of homemade decorations and edible goodies at Christmas time.

Except maybe a hunk of Stilton, a large glass of port and a small credit card bill.

I've always appreciated the skill, time, effort and love that goes in to all the making, hanging and arranging; it turns a house in to a proper home.

And just because you're cash short, you've just moved in or about to move out, it doesn't mean you can't have a joyful-looking home this Christmas.

I find the easiest way to learn how to make anything, and that includes homemade Christmas decorations is to watch how-to videos, and the best place to find how-to videos is YouTube, so here's my round up of The Ten Best Homemade Christmas Decorations.

1. Paper Snow Flakes

The paper snow flakes that hang in Jamie Oliver's kitchen during his Christmas cooking shows are massive but so simple to make if you know how, and this video from YouTuber Gabriella M is very easy to follow.

paper snowflakes

2. Paper Snowmen Holding Hands Garland

Another decoration where you need to be handy with a pair of scissors, however this video from YouTuber Helpful TV1 shows what can be done with a few sheets of paper.

paper snowmen garland

3. 3D Paper Stars

A little more skill required but completely worth it as they look impressive. This video from YouTuber Trahu DIY is one of dozens of cool designs on their channel.

3D paper stars

4. Christmas Wreath

Another simple but ingenious way of using paper-folding to make a homemade Christmas decoration, this video from YouTuber ireneblchua will take you through all of the steps.

christmas paper wreathes

5. Gingerbread Christmas Decorations

Not only do these look great, your home will smell amazing when you bake them. This video from YouTuber icethecake.co.uk will show you how to decorate them too. If your tree stays up for a month like ours does, I wouldn't recommend eating them afterwards, so make an addition batch for munching!

gingerbread christmas decorations

6. Sock Snowmen

These are the cutest snowmen you'll ever see, and all you'll need is some white socks, some rice, and some bits and bobs to decorate them. And if you use some unworn socks you can cook and eat the rice afterwards. This video from YouTuber kidspot is one of many great tips for parents on their channel.

sock snowmen

7. Tree Decorations from Toilet Paper

This is a simple and unique way of making tree hanging decorations, by soaking loo roll, pressing inside a cookie cutter and leaving to dry before decorating. Genius! This video from YouTuber kranknkoncepts explains all in a nice, concise way.

toilet paper christmas decorations

8, Wine Cork Santa

Just to prove that making homemade Christmas decorations can be child's play, watch these two adorable kids  as they have fun making little Santas from wine corks. The video is by YouTuber JelinekCork who looks to have a thing for corks.

wine cork santa

9. Accordian Pleated Angels

No corks in this video and back to folding paper. YouTuber Hectanooga1 has plenty of crafty videos for you to browse through.

pleated angels

10. Oven Dried Orange Slices

This has to be my favourite homemade Christmas decorations of all time, such a classic way to decorate a real Christmas tree. You can place them on the branches like in this video by YouTuber Romi Divito or make a garland with some twine.

oven dried orange slices

So that's my Top 10 Free or Cheap Christmas Decorations, do share your tips and tricks in making a joyful-looking home this Christmas.

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