18 Nov 2016

Handle Black Friday Like A Pro

black friday
Better in your pocket than theirs!

How will Black Friday play out this year? 

Will it be like the UK launch of Black Friday in 2014 when bargain hunters trampled over each other for cheap goods, or like last year with shoppers largely staying at home and hitting the web instead instead of each other.

Who knows! But my quick guide on how to handle Black Friday Like A Pro will help.

What are you looking to get out of Black Friday?

If it's all about the Fun, if you're heading down town to enjoy the experience and maybe grab a coffee, lunch or a bargain or two, then scroll down to number 7 for some ways to make your day even better (and cheaper.)

Or if it's all about the Mission and you've got your eye on a particular product, read on and let's get it for you at the best possible price.

Here's my guide to Handling Black Friday Like A Pro

1. First, make a note of the exact model number and specification of the product you want to buy.

2. Next,  I recommend that you click here to register with Quidco and here to register with TopCashBack  to get cash back on your shopping. These sites will earn a commission for referring you.

3. Point three is all about finding the best possible price, so a quick search of the following Product Comparison Sites will solve that conundrum.
Here's my pick of the best:

4. When you've found the retailer selling your product for the lowest price, click here to head to Quidco or here for TopCashBack and type the retailer in the search bar.

5. Check which of them is offering the most cashback, click through to the retailer's website and complete the purchase.

6. Put your feet up and relax, knowing that you've bought at the lowest possible price and earned some nice cash back in the process!

What if you just want to enjoy the experience.

You too can save money, both on high street retailers and for lunch and coffee. There's far fewer retailers available for in-store shopping but almost all the big restaurant chains are on board.

7.  Click here to log on to Quidco orhere for TopCashBack and register your credit card, that way you'll earn cash back when you shop or dine at any of the participating stores and restaurants.

8. As rival companies you would expect them to have rival schemes, for Quidco it's Quidco High Street, so click here to view their choice of over 40 retailers at Quidco High Street. For TopCashBack it's In-Store Offers, so click here to visit TopCashBack In-Store Offers. 

9. If you fancy a coffee or lunch, click here to view available restaurants on offer at TopCashBack and click here to see those from Quidco.

So that's my quick guide to helping you Handle Black Friday Like A Pro, do let us know of your tips and experiences of Black Friday, and have a great day!

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