14 Nov 2016

Save Money with Prepaid Meters

save money with prepaid energy meters
The savings will soon become clear!

If you're renting over buying, you may find there are prepaid gas & electricity meters in your home.

Be it a smart card, token or key meter, you know they are more expensive than standard meters, but at least you are supporting your local retailers when you call in to top up!

If you've just moved in, scroll to the bottom of this post to learn how to find out which energy suppliers you are with.

You may like how prepayment meters work or you may not be able to switch to standard meters, but you can still save money on your energy bills.

Firstly though, let's explore the possibility that you can install standard meters:

If you are allowed to install standard meters, (if you're renting you'll need the landlord's permission) the good news is the big six energy suppliers -  NPower, British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon, Scottish Power and SSE will install your standard meters for free. 

If you've lived in the property for a while you will need to be clear of any outstanding debt and have a good repayment history in your last place, and in all cases except EDF Energy, you'll need to pass a hard credit check. Except SSE where it's a soft credit check (think mobile contract credit check.)

All being well, you'll be on standard meters within a month and back in control, read my post about getting the best energy deals.

But what if you can't switch or don't wish to?

Don't worry, you can still save money on your energy bills.

Follow my two-step process and you too could save money on your energy bills:

1. First things first, take your meters readings. If you don't know how, click here and scroll to the bottom of the post and I'll explain.

2. Secondly, head over to a reputable comparison website, enter your postcode, select the option for prepayment meters, and start saving.

Here is my pick of the best Comparison Websites to check:

Compare The Market is my personal favourite, you'll get 2 for 1 cinema tickets or a cuddly meer cat toy when you purchase through them.


Money Supermarket

Which? Recognised as the country's foremost review website, I recommend checking here too.

Before You Switch

1. I recommend doing the same search through all of the price comparison sites listed above and other sites that you know, just to be sure that they are showing the same deals.

2. Check out what others are saying about any energy provider before you sign up with them. They may be cheaper but does their customer service leave a lot to be desired?  Click here to view Which? satisfaction survey 2016 results

3. As with everything you find online, please do your own research before acting.

Read on if you have recently moved in:

Before you can even think about switching you need to find out who is the energy supplier for the property.

For Electricity you should phone your regional electricity distributor, give them your address and they can tell you, here's the numbers you'll need:

  • North Scotland 0345 026 2554
  • Central and South Scotland 0330 1010 300
  • North East England 0845 6013 268
  • North West England 0870 7510 093
  • Eastern England 0845 6015 467
  • Southern England 0845 0262 554
  • South West England, South Wales, West & East Midlands 0845 6015 972
  • South East England 0845 6015 467
  • London 0845 601 5467
  • Yorkshire 0845 070 7172
  • Merseyside, Cheschire, North Shropshire & North Wales 033 0101 0300

For Gas, you need to call the Meter Number Helpline on 0870608 152.

Tell each supplier the date you moved on so that you're not liable for the previous tenant's debt.

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