7 Nov 2016

Switch Energy Suppliers (Easy Steps!)

How To Switch Energy Supplier

A few months ago I made it my mission to go through every item on our expenditure sheet and see where I could make savings, and our energy bill was the first one I tackled.

I had been meaning to do it for ages but I kept putting it off. It seemed complicated, time consuming and would the slight saving I'd make be even worth my while?

Ten minutes later I had the biggest Cheshire cat grin!

It was easy, quick and I saved over £220 a year from leaving British Gas Standard Tarrif! For a modern 3-bed semi, to me that's a pretty good result.

Follow my three points and you too could save money on your energy bills:

1. First things first, take your meters readings. If you don't know how, scroll to the bottom of this post.

2. Next, grab your most recent energy bills, so you can see what tarrif you're on and see what you are currently paying.

3. Finally, head over to a reputable comparison website, enter your postcode and start saving.

Here is my pick of the best Comparison Websites to check:

Compare The Market is my personal favourite, you'll get 2 for 1 cinema tickets or a cuddly meer cat toy when you purchase through them.


Money Supermarket

Which? Recognised as the country's foremost review website, I recommend checking here too.

Before You Switch

1. I recommend doing the same search through all of the price comparison sites listed above and other sites that you know, just to be sure that they are showing the same deals.

2. Check out what others are saying about any energy provider before you sign up with them. They may be cheaper but does their customer service leave a lot to be desired?  Click here to view Which? satisfaction survey 2016 results

3. As with everything you find online, please do your own research before acting.

So that's how easy it can be a save money on your energy bills, we would love to know how you get on and if you have any advice you can share.

Read Also:

Read on if you need help in reading your energy meters.

How To Read Your Energy Meters

Electricity Meters:

Digital Display Meter
Your meter will have one or two sets of digits, 6 in length. You need to write down the first five letters on both meters. If you get cheaper electric at certain times of the day, for example during the night, that is why you have two sets of digits and why you need to write down both. The top one refers to 'low' or 'night' and is generally labelled as such. If you have a single display meter, press the button to cycle through both readings.

Dials Meter
A dial meter will have a number of dials but you only need to record the first five, so write down the first five numbers that the needles have just passed.

electricity meter

Gas Meters:

Digital Metric Meter
Usually these will have eight digits, just write down the first five digits before the decimal point.

Imperial Meter
These have four digits then two digits, you need only the first four.

gas meter

Dial Meter
There will be a varying number of dials but you only need to record the first four, and just like for the electricity dial meters, write down the number the needle has just passed.

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