11 Nov 2016

What Is Black Friday ?

black friday
Cheer up Kermit, it's the weekend!

Black Friday. The very name sends some people cowering behind their computers and shying away from supermarkets.

In others, it conjures up visions of shoppers running amok down the aisles while other wrestle their fellow man over over-sized TVs.

And on top of all that, it's not just a Black Friday, for most retailers it begins on a Thursday and ends on Tuesday! It's not surprising some people dread the period!

You could stay in bed, lock the front door, put on Netflix. Or you can get out there and get yourself a real bargain!

Here is my quick guide about this new retail phenomenon:

1. What is Black Friday and where did it come from?

It originated across the pond, with retail marketeers wanting to kick-start the Christmas shopping rush by offering unbelievable deals the day after Thanksgiving. Combine that with a massive marketing campaign and Americans put down their turkey legs and embraced it in a big way.

2. Why is it called Black Friday?

It's all talk and conjecture, but some people will tell you it's because it's a dark day on the roads and retail parks; others claim it's from cashier's books going in to the black due to the sales increase. No one can be sure.

3. When is Black Friday this year?

In most cases it will begin on Thursday the 24th of November and end on Tuesday 29th.

4. What happened on previous Black Fridays?

It was two years ago was when most UK retailers followed Amazon's lead and launched their own deals. Shoppers squared up to each other while others fought over £199 Polaroid TVs in ASDA and Currys. Fast forward a year, while retailers employed extra security, people stayed home and crashed the retailer's websites instead.

5. Who to watch out for this Black Friday?

Here's my pick of retailers to keep a watch on:
  • Amazon
  • Groupon
  • Debenhams
  • Argos
  • Currys and PC World
  • Tesco
  • ASDA
I will up date this post over the coming days and share links to the best deals I find, so I recommend bookmarking.

And what happens after Black Friday?

Cyber Monday!

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