5 Dec 2016

Watch Sky Sports For Free or Cheaper

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Just because you can see the Sky, it doesn't have to cost you the Earth

If you need to trim outgoings, it's often Sky TV that's the hardest thing to cut, especially if you're sport mad, particularly football mad.

I recommend weighing up all the sport you watch against all the sport that you don't watch. If you follow EPL and EFL, it may be particularly-annoying that you're paying £47.50 a month for Sky's cheapest TV package with Sports and you don't get all the live games, especially when your neighbour gets the rest of the games for free on BT Sport with his BT Broadband or Infinity package.

Maybe you would be happy to watch Sky Sports on a pay as you watch basis, in that case a NOW TV day, weekly and monthly pass would be the answer.

Or maybe you can go cold turkey and live without live EPL completely, knowing that the BBC has Match of the Day which shows comprehensive highlights and every goal, plus a surprisingly-high number of live FA Cup games and all the highlights.

So here's my round up of 10 Sky Sports Alternatives For Free or Cheaper:

Option 1: BT Sport 

BT Sport is free with any BT Broadband and Infinity package. If you're a standard BT Broadband customer then you you'll only get BT Sport on your tablet or mobile, but that's an easy fix. Get yourself a Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick and you'll be able to watch on TV.

Sky TV vs BT Sport  - As a comparison, BT Sport show 38 live EPL games, compared with Sky's 116.

Option 2: Now TV

If you want to watch football on a pay as you watch basis, to only pay for the matches that matter, then NOW TV is for you. There's no contract and you can choose between Sky Sports Day Pass £6.99, Week Pass £10.99 or £33.99 month passes.

Option 3: Talk Talk TV

Talk Talk may be viable option if you are thinking of switching broadband provider too, Sky Sports Boost is £32 a month, so £15.50 cheaper a month and it's almost the Sky Sports entire package.

Option 4: Virgin Media TV

You can get both Sky Sports and BT Sport with Virgin Media TV. Add Sky Sports for £31.75 or BT Sport for £18 per month.

Option 5: Freeview + iPlayer

If you can do without live EPL and EFL, the BBC screens 16 live FA Cup matches, including the final. And don't forget Match Of The Day and Match Of The Day 2.

Option 6: Eurosport

Eurosport often gets overlooked, but there's good quality live sport for free and in HD with some TV services,  but there's little in the way of football. Lots of winter sports at this time of year, lots of cycling and tennis at other times.

Option 7: The Pub

It may cost you the price of a few pints, but at least you'll get some atmosphere.

Option 8: BBC Five Live

If you're trimming back outgoings, don't forget the radio. Combined with Match Of The Day, the beeb still has a very respectable amount of live football and Five Live and Five Live Sports Extra broadcasts live matches almost every night.

Option 9: Phone Sky For A Cheaper Deal

There's definitely no harm in asking Sky for a cheaper deal. Their responses change on a daily basis so if you don't get the deal that you want, ring back the next week.

Option 10: Borrow A Sky Go Account

If you have a friend who already has Sky Sports, download the Sky Go app to your phone or tablet and enter their log in details. Sky Go is available for two devices, or upgrade to Sky Go Extra for £5 a month for four devices.

So that's my round up of 10 Sky Sports Alternatives For Free or Cheaper, if you're needing to cut outgoings it's TV that's the hardest to cut back on, for emotional reasons! But I hope these tips can offer a solution.

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