29 Dec 2016

101 Best Ways To Save Money (Updated)

save money
Why did the potato cross the road? He saw a spoon up ahead.

Every self-respecting money saving blogger can reel off dozens of ways to save money. 

From switching bank accounts, utilities and broadband suppliers; to using up leftovers and free days out with the kids. 

We are always great fun at parties!

To make it easier for me to count and you to navigate, the list is divided in to categories - Motoring and Travel, At Home, Shopping, In The Kitchen etc. 

Most of my 101 ways to save money are completely common sense, but if a couple of points are useful to you then my post has been worth while.

101 ways to save money:

Motoring & Travel 

This is the most economical car you can own.

1. Check price comparison sites like Go Compare, Compare The Market, Money Supermarket for car insurance providers and switch for cheaper. Don't just auto-renew.
2. Join your employers cycle to work scheme if they have one, or point them to the website if they don't.
3. Carpool with work colleagues.
4. Carpool with other parents on the school run.
5. Walk or cycle to local shops instead of using the car.
6. Use park and ride, it's often cheaper than parking in the town centre
7. Remove all unnessary weight from the car 
8. Remove car roof racks and roof boxes
9. Fill with fuel at the coolest time of the day, fuel is at its most dense. It's proven to work!
10. Same with fuel, fill tank to half way. Why carry extra weight ?
11. Visit Petrol Prices before you fill up.
14. Try 'ticket splitting' it may be cheaper to divide up your journey rather than buy one complete ticket. With Train Line you can search routes quickly.

At Home 

In a galaxy far, far away .. curtains will be obsolete.

17. Only boil kettle for the water you need
18. Don't let thermostat go below 18 degrees, It's cheaper than heating a cold house in the morning
19. Close doors to keep heat in.
21. Fix draft excluders to the bottom of doors.
22. Put radiator insulation foil behind radiators.
23. Clear furniture from in front of radiators.
24. Fix a Letter box brush to your front door
25. Fix a Chimney balloon inside your chimney 
26. Use your oven instead of hob it will heat the room at the same time 
29. Take showers instead of baths, or bath with a friend!
30. Make sure nothing is placed on top of your loft insulation, it will reduce its effectiveness by compacting it
31. Refurbish laptops and TVs where possible instead of rushing out to buy a new one
32. Declutter your cupboards to make sure you don't buy the same items again
33. Use YouTube self help videos to fix anything yourself instead of using trades people. Same goes for decorating 

Bills Bills Bills

I pay all the bills and they fly the nest. That's life.

35. Do not let contracts auto renew, make a note on your calendar 
36. Use price comparison sites like  Go Compare, Compare The Market, Money Supermarket to find the lowest rates and switch ....
37. Energy suppliers
38. Broadband provider
39. Home insurance provider
40. Income protection insurance provider
41. Zero percent credit card balance transfers
43. Switch to pay as you go mobile when your contract is up
44. Or Switch to sim only mobile when your contract is up, Carphone Warehouse always have great deals.
45. Switch bank accounts for sign up rewards
46. Opt to pay by direct debit and paperless billing, often it's cheaper 
47. Buy energy saving light bulbs 
48. Open another bank account and skim off odd amounts of change, you won't miss it and it will soon mount up
49. Check that you're making full use of your packaged bank account, to make sure your not doubling up on some things like travel insurance or break down cover you're already getting elsewhere.

In The Garden

garden knomes
What, I always dress like this when I'm gardening.

50. Buy a water butt to collect rain water for plants.
51. Buy a compost bin and dispose of kitchen waste and grass clippings.
52. Cut grass every three weeks, it will grow more slowly
53. Grow flowers and veg from seeds
54. Divide up plants and swap cuttings with friends 
55. Go right through your garden shed or garage to make sure you don't have items like screen wash or weedkiller hiding at the back
56. Water plants before or after the sun rises or sets, it uses less water.

In The Kitchen 

Who will draw the short spaghetti and get the washing up?

57. Make a weekly meal plan and stick to it
58. Weigh and portion out the food you need
59. Freeze bread and only take out what you need 
60. Use the oven instead of the hob and heat the room at the same time 
61. Stake out your local supermarket until you find out the time of day they reduce stock close to their sell by date
62. Make soup from veg passed sell by date and freeze what you don't use
63. Batch cook meat close to sell by date, make stews, bolognese and chillies
64. Check out of date eggs are still fresh to eat by placing in a bowl of cold water. If they stay the bottom they are good for at least one more day, if they stand on end then eat today, if they float, throw away.
65. Switch to supermarket own label, have a fun family blind tasting session if there are any push backs!
66. Download or visit Supercook, it's a free recipe app to make the most of left over ingredients 
67. Take sandwiches to work, or last night's leftovers
68. See how many different meals you can make from one family sized chicken 
69. Make your own baby or toddler meals and keep in the freezer, pasta and veg works best
70. Buy a Brita Filter instead of bottled water
71. Get an insulated coffee cup instead of buying coffee at the station
72. Don't buy takeaways, make your own, or pickup a supermarket pack. Usually around £6.50 and plenty for two.


Don't worry Kermit, only another 361 shopping days before Christmas

73. Go through itemised receipts to spot for errors
74. Use product comparison sites like Kelkoo 
75. Sign up to cash back websites Topcashback and Quidco to earn cash back on your purchases
76. Always use loyalty cards, but don't go out of your way to use one
77. Download or visit Mysupermarket to tell you the cheapest places to buy your groceries 
78. Check daily deal websites like Groupon, Living Social and Wowcher first to see if they have the thing you wanted 
79. Sleep on any purchase for a few nights, if you still want it, get it!
80. Make sure you check out your employers discounts and shopping deals
81. Use supermarket own medicines over brand names, they contain the same active ingredients


Salty please. No, sweet. Wait. 

82. Don't buy magazines, take out a Readly subscription instead. 
83. Don't buy music, take out a family subscription to Amazon Music or Spotify.
84. Scour charity shops or cash converters for second hand DVDs, CDs etc. 
85. Get 2 for 1 cinema tickets at Meercat Movies 
86. Pickup a free or cheap O2 SIM card to take advantage of Priority Moments 
87. Exercise away from the gym, it's free and the air is fresher 
88. If you're planning a big night out, pre-load on drinks before you go out. I'm not advocating this but if you're drinking anyway it's a lot cheaper.
89. Take turns to be designated driver, one night out off the booze won't hurt. 
90. Go out for lunch instead of dinner, it's often much cheaper with restaurant lunch specials.
91. Rediscover your local library, you'll be amazed at the range of quality books to borrow for free

Turn Unwanted Items In To Cash

car boot sale
This is the kind of car boot sale where you might find matching sets.

92. Sell unwanted items online on eBay or Shpock 
93. Sell unwanted items on free supermarket ad boards 
94. Don't open gift packs, regift them 
95. Swap car seats and pushchairs with other parents at school or preschool 
96. Sign up to freecycle.org and swap unwanted items with items you need
97. Sell unwanted items at car boot sales

Family Days Out 

Learning the facts of life. Where does a tadpole keep his money? In the riverbank.

98. Search for Free Days Out online, here's some places to start:101 Free Things To Do In London50 great days out in the UK.
99. Sign up to Groupon, Living Social or Wowcher and keep an eye on their leisure and events sections 
100. Take picnics to local parks or beaches
101. Use Tesco clubcard boosts for free or reduced days out at theme parks etc. 

Bonus Tip

There's no point trying to keep up with the Jones. There's always someone up your street with a better car or property. Just wash your car, weed your drive way and be thankful for what you have :)


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