12 Dec 2016

Save Money: How To Bleed Radiators

How To Bleed Your Radiators
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Do you walk in to a centrally-heated room, maybe a back bedroom, and wonder why it's always so cold?

I have a few tips that should solve that, and the most important is learning how to bleed your radiators.

Bleeding radiators simply means removing the air that's trapped inside. While you have air inside your radiators, it stops your central heating system from working efficiently by reducing the space for the hot water to fill the radiator and radiate heat in to your room, and it's also wasting your money.

This might sound like a tricky thing to do, but it's a really simple fix once you know how, and you will really notice the difference.

You'll need a radiator key, if you don't have one already, Amazon always have them for cheap.

With winter already biting and energy bills on the rise, I recommend making sure that your radiators are working as efficiently as possible, to make your home warmer and to save money on your energy bills. 

How To Bleed Your Radiators:

1. Turn heating on to find out which radiators have cool spots, they will have air trapped inside.
Turn heating off again.

2, Locate the valve at the top of one side, grab a bucket and your radiator key and turn the valve anti-clockwise.

3. You may hear a hiss of air escaping followed by water spraying or dribble out, catch the water in your bucket.

4. When the water has finished escaping, turn the valve back to it's starting position.

5. The last step is to check the pressure gauge on the boiler, it's likely that the pressure is low. Modern boilers will automatically refill themselves or you can add more water easily at the tap/lever.

More ways to make your radiators more efficient:

1. Move all furniture from in front of the radiators so the heat can escape in to the room.

2. Another top tip is to use radiator foil behind the radiators to reflect heat away from outer walla and back in to the room. Lift the radiators from their brackets and stick radiator insulation foil directly on to outer walls.

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  1. ALWAYS bleed radiators. From from being difficult, it's actually really simple and, quite right, saves you money.

    1. I used to watch my dad do it, now the baton has been passed to me!


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