20 Dec 2016

Sell Unwanted Gift Cards With Zeek


Chances are, you or someone you know will be getting vouchers or gift cards for Christmas.

Thanks to Zeek there's now an easy and secure way to sell unwanted vouchers and gift cards as well as buy vouchers and gift cards up to 25% off.

Retailers LOVE selling gift cards

It ties you to them because you have to use the card in their stores. What's more, they usually won't give you any change, but another gift card to spend in their store. 

If you lose the gift card, tough luck. It's like losing money. And what if you get a voucher or gift card from a retailer you never use, or you can't get in to town? 

Gift cards can be great!

I'm not knocking vouchers and gift cards though! They are convenient and you can buy something you really want with them instead of getting something chosen for you that you don't want, so they definitely have their place.

Here's my quick guide about how to Sell Unwanted Gift Cards With Zeek:

First, who are Zeek?

Zeek is an online market place for buying and selling vouchers and gift cards. It's easy and the Zeek app is free to download.

How to sell gift cards and vouchers on Zeek

1. Click here to download Zeek and get a £5 discount, use code 28QGPWZY

2. Go to the Sell tab

3. Find the brand of your gift card from the list

4. Set the amount

5. Await patiently for Zeek to approve

How much will it cost to sell gift cards and vouchers on Zeek

You'll be charged £3 minimum or 7% of the card's value.

How and when will I be paid by Zeek

1. PayPal or bank transfer, completely up to you. Or if you plan on becoming a bulk seller, you may want to opt for receiving payment in the form of Zeek credit where you'll benefit from reduced seller's fees.

2. If it's a digital voucher, you'll be paid within  12 working days; if it's a physical voucher or gift card you'll be paid  within 14 working days from the date your voucher or card arrived at Zeek offices after the sale.

Why buy discount vouchers and gift cards on Zeek

Zeek has great deals on discount vouchers and gift cards from places like iTunes (perfect if you're a gamer) Google Play, Tesco, TopShop, Primark, ASOS and Odeon, with savings up to 25%.

So that's my quick guide to Zeek, a great place for buying and selling vouchers and gift cards.

Don't forget your £5 discount bonus use code 28QGPWZY


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