12 Jan 2017

Save Money on Self Storage and Left Luggage

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Banana boxes, the staple diet of all good storage units

Business is getting more social.

First there was AirBnB, where ordinary homeowners flung open their doors to weary travelers. 

Then there was Uber, where ordinary Mondeo owners flung open their doors to weary clubbers.

Then came Deliveroo, where ordinary scooter riders  ... you know the rest.

It was only a matter of time before more services got socialized, and self storage and left luggage were next. 

So here's my quick guide CityStasher and Stashbee, possibly the AirBnBs of Self Storage and Left Luggage.

Save Money on Left Luggage with CityStasher

It's a familiar story, you're visiting a city and you don't want to drag your bags around until you can check-in to your hotel so you look for a left luggage facility, and that's where CityStasher comes in.

CityStasher, founded in 2015 can save you up to 60% on the cost of left luggage by leaving your luggage in 'Stashpoints', trusted local businesses, often newsagents with locked storerooms, which are based conveniently close to rail stations.

The Benefits:

It's cheaper, at £5 per bag per day compared with £12.50 per day when using official left luggages facilities are rail stations.
Citystasher offers guarantees of up to £100 per bag should the worst happen. The same set rates countrywide and you'll be helping local retailers earn extra cash.

The Drawbacks:

Most 'Stashpoints' are shops and hotels which may not be open 24 hrs. 
Currently there's few locations, most are in London but more businesses are signing up all over the country in cities like Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge. Click here to search for current locations.

Save Money on Self Storage with Stashbee

Stashbee like to describe themselves as the AirBnB of Self Storage and you'll soon see why. Because instead of using a traditional self storage lockup facility, you'll be storing your belongings with a private 'host.' Think attic, garage, garden shed, spare bedroom. 

The Benefits:

It's far cheaper than renting a storage locker. Stashbee say you can store something like a large box or bicycle for £1.99 a week right up to a 25 square foot garden shed's worth of items for £13.99 a week, compared to Big Yellow's £50.10. 
The social aspect of community building, helping out someone financially 

The Drawbacks:

You have to make arrangements with the homeowner to collect and drop off, they need to be home so it's at their convenience, not yours.
Parking and access could be an issue, especially as many locations are on residential streets.
So far it's only available in London, see here for locations.

So that's my quick guide to CityStasher and Stashbee, do let me know if you've used either service and what you think of them. Both services appeal to me, not least because of the savings that can be made.

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