8 Feb 2017

Dad Test: Ford Focus Review

ford focus
When Henry Ford's ancesters requested a shape change the designers were on it like a car bonnet

I recently had the pleasure of test driving a Ford Focus, the model handed over was the 1.0T EcoBoost 100PS S6 3-cylinder Petrol engine model.

Ford have lovingly-revamped it's famous hatchback inside and out, most notably with the front grill and there's now a 8-inch touch screen in the dash. But would it pass The Dad Test? Let's find out!

New Design

So what's different from the 2011 models? Well, there's the Aston Martin-esque front nose and grill, a new boot hatch with a kink in it and that's about all on the outside. Inside Ford have caught up with the touch screen trend and theirs takes pride of place within the dash, and not sticking out on the front like Audi and Citroen have done. 

ford focus
Not so much a touch screen as a prod screen but I'm liking the look

Comfort Levels 

While there is some soft plastics on top of the dash there's hard plastics on the doors which are never comfy. The armrest is a bit far back for me, and I'm 5.10. I was pleased to see the drivers seat had lumber support but I disliked that the sides protruded in to my kidneys. Plus it's so grey and drab in there. 

ford focus interior
It's all a little bit too grey, or charcoal for my liking.

Power Unit 

As someone who spends all day in his car, I've always preferred the economy, performance and reliability of a diesel. But any scepticism of the 1.0T EcoBoost 100PS S6 3-cylinder Petrol engine soon evaporated. It's quiet, refined and surprisingly quick. I found cruising and overtaking to be a breeze. 

ford focus
While other makers try to hide their rear door handles Ford shrugged and asked why?

The Dad Test  

There's enough legroom in the back so toddlers can't kick the seats in front, but there's wind up windows which they may be able to reach. The boot space is smaller than a Golfs or Astras but you'll hardly notice except there's quite a high lip to lift the push chair over. Also the seats split 60/40 from the nearside, so it would be easier if it were swapped around. There's two isoflex thingys if you use those. 

Standard Kit 

The Zetec Edition comes with rear parking sensors and climate control and the car I tested had sat nav, and as it's not available to buy as an extra it looked to be included but best to check with your dealer; if you wanted Rear View Camera (£250), Active City Stop (£200) and it's all at additional cost. The entry level colour is red and other colours start at £250.

ford focus


With a starting price for the 1.0 Zetec 1.0T EcoBoost 100PS S6 model of £19595, and Ford offering nice deposit contributions and an Apr of 2.9% on a PCP arrangement it's a pretty good deal already, but I recommend talking to your local dealer to see if he can better it. 

ford focus


Surprising performance from a small petrol engine, revamped front, rear and dash, drab seat fabrics, driver's seat back a little hard for my liking, adequate boot and leg room, sloping roof may hinder taller passengers that sit in the back. Little niggles but I would be perfectly happy driving the Focus day to day.


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