10 Jan 2017

10 Free or Cheap Anti Valentines Day Ideas

anti valentines day
Cupid rhymes with stupid, so happy 'consumer driven and trivial interpretation of love' day!

Happy Anti Valentine's Day!

If I didn't know that Valentine's Day existed for gift companies to off-load loads of tat, I'd think it was just to rub singletons noses in it.

If you're single, February 14th can bring feelings of embarrassment, jealousy, sadness, even dread. It can be that powerful!

 But it needn't be that way. Read my Anti-Valentines list below, and if just one item gives you an idea then it's been worthwhile. 


Anti-Valentines Day Ideas that won't hurt as much as a broken heart:

Visit your local Library:

Peace and quiet, and you're guaranteed to find plenty of singletons there. Maybe even one for you. Nobody will mind how long you spend there, most have free wifi and coffee machines, and if you've not visited one for a while you're in for a surprise, the library service has moved with the times.

Take a Test Drive:

While away a couple of hours drinking tea at your local dealership and test drive the latest model, get a finance quote if you want. It won't cost you a penny, you'll most likely be credit checked but that won't hurt.

Free Trial of Amazon Prime:

If you're planning to stay in anyway why not take a free trial of Amazon Prime and binge on exclusive shows like The Grand Tour and The Man In The High Castle, plus Amazon Music.

Free Trial of Now TV:

If you don't have Sky or are thinking of a cheaper alternative, Now TV could be the answer. Get their 14 day free trial.

Stay off Facebook and Instagram and update your LinkedIn page instead:

Last thing you need is to see other couples having a good time and you might get a new job or a business lead from it.

Declutter and DIY:

Rather than moping around start mopping around. Clear out the shed, garage, cupboard. Take old stuff to the charity shop and refuse tip. Fix that broken draw. Read my posts on how to bleed radiators and fix leaking mixer taps. You'll go to bed feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Sell your unwanted Christmas gift cards on Zeek:

Making money any day of the week can cheer up even a lonely soul. Read my post about Zeek and how to get cash in your bank by selling unwanted gift cards.

Change Energy Provider:

If you've been meaning to do it and but never got round to it, and you need something mundane but satisfying to take your mind off things, this could be the answer. Read my post about how to get the best deals.

Treat Yourself for up to Half Price:

No one else to spend money on means more for you. Check out the daily deal sites like Groupon (if you're new to Groupon use NEW25 when you check out to get an extra 25% off) and Living Social to find spas and activities like super car driving.

Anti Valentine's Party:

If you don't want to be alone, round up fellow singletons from work and ask them over for a few drinks and a takeaway. Order in from Just Eat or Hungry House.


To quote from the .Gov website " Anyone can volunteer. It can be very rewarding and is a great way to meet new people, gain new or use existing skills and get experience." 
So what are you waiting for? Check out their website for something that interests you.

Start a Meal Box Subscription:

Spend the evening in the company of Radio 3, a meal box delivered to your door and your favourite vino. Here's two special offers from Gousto to start you off, when checking out use either PROMO25 to save £25 off your first order, or use SAVE50 if you want to trial a box for half price.

So there's no need to be a Bridget Jones this coming Tuesday with my free or cheap anti-valentines day ideas, and do let me know if you have any ideas to add.


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