24 Feb 2017

The Childrens Society Call For Debt Breathing Space

No one knows better than you how stressful money worries can be.You also know the impact it's having on your kids. 

You're not alone though. In the UK there are over 2 million children living in families who have fallen into problem debt. 

In some cases, children are going without basics such as food, clothing or heating; as well as suffering worry, fear of every knock on the door, of anxiety and often bullying.

So, @thechildrenssociety is trying to help protect children from #DebtTrap by calling for a breathing space scheme for families struggling with debt. 

Breathing Space

Their research uncovered significant links between being in debt and the impact on children’s well-being and mental health, and they are asking the Government to put a ‘breathing space’ scheme in place so families have a chance to get back on their feet, with a sensible repayment plan. It’s not just debt that adds stress to our lives but that many different situations can cause anxiety. 

You can help

And that's where you come in. Join us and call for a 'breathingspace' scheme to help families in debt. This would  stop debts from increasing for a period of up to 12 months and allow families to tackle their debts in a manageable way, without visits from intimidating bailiffs. 

Stop the damage debt is doing to children. Children living in families struggling with problem debt are five times more likely to be unhappy than children in families without debt troubles. 

The Debt Trap campaign acknowledges that one sudden unexpected event, such as illness, or broken boiler, can send a family spiralling into debt that can be difficult to recover from. Throughout the campaign so far, The Children's Society has looked at the different ways that different organisations collect debt – from energy companies, to council tax – and how payday loan companies advertise their services. Now we are looking at the impact on children’s well-being.

More about the campaign

  • The Debt Trap is a campaign to end the damage to children caused by debt.
  • The impact of problem debt on children is widely ignored, but it can leave families and young people feeling stressed, anxious and depressed.
  • Children living in families struggling with debt are five times more likely to be unhappy than children in families who don’t have difficulty with debt, putting them at risk of developing mental health problems.
  • The Children’s Society believes that children shouldn’t have to pay the price of debt with their mental health. They are calling on the Government to create a breathing space for families, giving them time and space to repay their debts with no rising fees or visits from intimidating bailiffs.

We need as many people as possible to sign the petition here, to show support for a breathing space to help stop the damage debt is doing to children, and help encourage others to do the same.

The campaign is based on the challenges they see families facing in their projects across the country as well as extensive research. Find out more: childrenssociety.org.uk/breathingspace

About The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society is a national charity that runs local projects, helping children and young people when they are at their most vulnerable, and have nowhere left to turn.

We also campaign for changes to laws affecting children and young people, to stop the mistakes of the past being repeated in the future.

Find out more by visiting the About Us section of their website or you can email them on blogging@childrenssociety.org.uk

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