10 May 2017

Join The Cash Back Revolution

The last couple of years has been a very good for two of the biggest cash back websites, TopCashBack and Quidco, and by consequence so have we, the savvy shopper.

But don't worry if you're new to the whole cash back revolution as I'll show all you need to know :

But first, what are Cash Back Websites?

Top Cash Back

Putting it simply, cash back websites will pay you money for buying the things you would normally buy.

How do Cash Back Websites work?


Every time a cash back website refers you to a retailer and you make a purchase, they earn a commission which they pass on to you. They do this by installing a cookie on to your computer, so as long as you click through them to a retailer and complete a purchase, you'll earn a cash back.

How do I sign up?

To start using Cash Back Websites couldn't be simpler.

1.  I recommend you that you click here to register with Quidco and here to register with TopCashBack. Sign up to both sites so you can see which is offering the best rates.

With Quidco you'll be offered two versions - Basic and Premium. Premium costs £5 which comes out the first £5 cash back you earn; they state you'll be free of advertising pop ups, you'll get telephone support and, if you opt to take your cash back in Amazon gift cards, you'll earn 2% more. They also state that most Premium customers get their cash back with in 10 days.

2. Search for your retailer - Boots, Debenhams, Sky, Argos, Zavvi, Game etc etc 

3. Click the link to their website and complete your purchase.

Anything else I need to know?

There's a few things to watch out for:

1. Remember if you want to buy something from Argos for example, log on to Quidco or TopCashBack, search for Argos and click through to Argos, that way you'll earn cash back on your shopping. So don't go straight to Argos, get in to the cash back habit.

2. Take your cash out as soon as you've earned it, if the company goes belly up, your cash back is lost. 

3. Don't think that if you return the item you'll get to keep the cash back. It won't happen.

Can I still get Cash Back if I shop in-store?

Definitely.  You can still earn cash back, both in high street stores and for lunch and coffee. There are far fewer retailers available for in-store shopping but almost all the big restaurant chains are on board.

Here's what you need to do:

1.  Click here to log on to Quidco or here for TopCashBack and register your credit card, that way you'll earn cash back when you shop or dine at any of the participating stores and restaurants.

2. As rival companies you would expect them to have rival schemes, for Quidco it's Quidco High Street, so click here to view their choice of over 40 retailers at Quidco High Street. For TopCashBack it's In-Store Offers, so click here to visit TopCashBack In-Store Offers. 

That's my quick guide to Cash Back websites, I would love to know your experiences with them and any other money saving tips you have.

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