22 May 2017

Free KFC, Burgers, Buy 1 Get 1 Free Domino's

A right-handed burger, just what I wanted. And a diet coke please, I don't want to get fat

Slaving over a hot stove in this heat? 

 I'll pass! Except when the stove is a BBQ in my garden, and in easy reach of a bucket full of ice cold beers. 

But if you're not lucky-enough to have a garden, you'll be needing my pick of the best fast food deals around this week:

Free Burger or Hot Dog at Ed's Easy Diner

Last name hungry, first name always

Want a juicy burger or hot dog at a cool and trendy diner near you and for free? Just head to the Ed's easy diner website and complete the online registration form. You have to buy a drink, but you'll need to wash it down with something and with over 30 diners across the UK there's sure to be an Ed's near you.

Free Finger Lickin' Chicken at KFC

What could possibly be better than free chicken? A free courgette simply doesn't have the same cluck to it. If you're a regular muncher of KFC, download the app from Google Play or App Store and register to get your first three stamps free, which is enough for one side. Refer a friend to get another three stamps, now you've got two sides and your friend gets one. Keep flashing your app at friendly counter staff to get a free stamp every time you spend £3, collect seven stamps to get a snack and eleven entitles you to £5 your next KFC. 

Big Mac and Fries for £1.99

Mmm that tangy special sauce, almost makes me feel like I'm eating a salad

Buy any item from the menu (the cheapest is an ice cream at 69p) and remember to collect the receipt. Head to McDonald's Food For Thoughts web page, enter the 12-digit code printed at the top of the receipt and answer a few easy questions about your visit. You'll be issued with a 5-digit code, write it at the top of your receipt to get your Big Mac and Fries for only £1.99 instead of the usual price of £4.28 (Big Mac £2.99, medium fries £1.29.) Repeat as often as hungry.

Domino's Buy One Get One Free Pizza: Collection Only

We know they're both for you. But I can't tell you how we know. 

If you're feeling energetic you can get two pizzas for the price of one with Domino's Walk In Wins. While it may be valid for any size of pizza - be aware that premium crusts, bases and additional toppings will be charged extra, so no arguing with the counter staff, they do a great job.

So that's my pick of the best fast food deals around this week, read this post next if you want a free cold beer to go with it.


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